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Neuropsychological Assessment
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Ernest J. Bordini, Ph.D. Lic. Psychologist

Clinical Psychology Associates of North Central Florida has more than 30 years of experience in conducting quality comprehensive pediatric, adolescent, and adult neuropsychological assessments for the North Central Florida Gainesville and Ocala communities and beyond.

We are an indepenent private practice and are not in-network with any insurance plans. We will provide a superbill for you to provide to your insurer for any out-of-network benefits. We do accept most major credit cards and offer a pre-payment discount.

Neuropsychological Aessessment

by Clinical Psychology Associates of North Central Florida

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What is Neuropsychological Assessment?

Neuropsychological Assessment involves itaking a comprehensive neurodevlopmental and biopsychosocial history, neurobehavioral examination, formal mental status examination, review of clinical symptoms and complaints, and developing diagnostic formulations which are then formally assessded through neuropsychological testing and personality measures. 

Ealuations are individualized but often assess areas involving general veral and nonverbal intelligence and cognitive skills, receptive and expressive language abilities, academic skills, social and emotional perception and functioning visual-spatial and constructional skills, motor strenght and coordination, graphomotor skills, motor planning, attention, and inhibition, cognitive flexibility, verbal and nonverbal leanring and memory, abstract and reasoning skills, and may include assessments involving adaptive functioning or behavior.


What is Pediatric Neuropsychological Assessment?

Pediatric Neuropsychological Assessment involves the assessment of children and adolescents. This usually places more emphasis on assessment of learning disabities, coordination difficulties, handwriting difficulties, speech and language issues, sensory-pereptual skills, qualifications for gifted, intellectual ability or disability, processing styles, attention, learning, and memory as it pertains the childhood and adolescent academic and social functioning.

Common conditions involve brain injuries, neurodevelopmental disorders, Attention-deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD or ADHD), Autism Spectrum or Asperger's Disorder (ASD), Learning Disabilities (LD) and ruling out commonly occuring conditions which can complicate treatment or educational plans.